Minichamps Model Bikes classic series


Our complete range of Minichamps model bikes in 1:12th scale, these die-cast classic model bikes are of the highest quality of any road bike models.

Minichamps are the leading brand in die-cast model bikes, the most detail is found in the 1/12th scale bikes and their range is the best in the world.

Model motorcycles are very collectible and the range is being added to all the time, there are new classic model bikes being released every month, but if you do not see what you are looking for please send us an email and we will try to find it for you.

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Kawasaki Z1 900

Kawasaki Z1 900 Candy Green Yellow

The Kawasaki Z900 has a history as a mega bike from the 1970's and this 1:12th scale diecast model from Minichamps is an exact replica of the real thing.


Yamaha SR500

Yamaha SR500 1988

The 1988 Yamaha SR500 in red and white made by Minichamps with their superb quality.



Triumph TR6 1962

Triumph TR6 1962

This is the Triumph TR6 made famous by Steve McQueen in The Great Escape, even though it was a 1940s war film they used this 1962 model Triumph to do all the stunts.


Triumph Steve McQueen

Triumph TR6 Steve McQueen

The Great Escape Triumph TR6 650 Trophy as Steve McQueen used to jump the fence and escape from the German prisoner of war camp, a great collectors model.


Triumph Hurricane

Triumph Hurricane X75

The three cylinder Triumph Hurricane from Minichamps is a very detailed and quality model.


Kawasaki 750

Kawasaki Z2 750 RS

With the same running gear as the Z900 the 750 Z2 was made for local production in Japan, this one is in the Jaffa colour, but was not as popular as its bigger cousin.


Moto Guzzi 850 Le Mans

Moto Guzzi 850 Le Mans

One of the all time classic bikes the Moto Guzzi 850 MK1 Le Mans is an exact replica model in 1:12th scale, it comes in a presentation box with printed history of this great bike.
Honda CB1100R

Honda CB1100RD

Even though this is not a Minichamps bike the quality is just as good, this 1:12th scale diecast Honda CB1100RD is made by Wits of Japan and is exact in every detail.
MV Agusta Ago

MV Agusta F4 Ago

Named after multiple World champion Giacomo Agostini this is the MV Agusta Ago and only 300 bikes were produced, this Minichamps die-cast model is a great example of that bike.
Kawasaki 750

Kawasaki Z2 750

A very desirable model of the Kawasaki 750 in metallic green and yellow. This model is made by Wits.
kawasaki Yoshimura

Kawasaki Yoshimura 750

Yoshimura is perhaps the worlds best known tuner, and this model is the Kawasaki Yoshimura 750, they were mainly sold in Japan and America. The model is made by Wits of Japan and the quality is equal to Minichamps.
kawasaki Yoshimura

Kawasaki Yoshimura 750

Pop Yoshimura was famous for making a standard bike into a very smart and desirable model, this is the Kawasaki 750 fitted with Yoshi exhaust and mag wheels, made by Wits.

kawasaki Yoshimura

Kawasaki Yoshimura 750

Another of the popular Kawasaki Yoshimura model bikes, this is in the best selling colour of two tone candy.
kawasaki Yoshimura

Kawasaki Yoshimura 750

Another of the Yoshimura Kawasaki 750 models, this one is in two tone green and yellow, these bikes are made by Wits, a Japanese company, and are equal to Minichamps in quality.